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Out-of-Home & Activations

OOH advertising is any advertising that you see outside of your home. It provides a way to reach your audience with repeated exposure as they go about their daily routines and is known to be one of the best ways to develop brand awareness. Ocean NeuroScience says consumers are 48% more likely to click on an ad after they’ve seen the same brand on OOH advertising. Our relationships with local, national, and international OOH vendors are well-established and ready to work to your advantage with fast and smooth purchasing. Let Fenix Media bring you exclusive opportunities to reach your audience where they are.

Print Media

Print media exists at every level from local newspapers to international journals, and it gets your message on publications that consumers trust to bring them reliable information. According to 90inma, 82% of consumers say they trust print advertising. As colleagues and businesses share literature with each other and their customers, your advertising reaches more and more eyes within your target demographic. Fenix Media can give you access to thousands of magazines, newspapers, periodicals, and journals from over two hundred countries in sectors like news, tech, business, finance, travel, fashion, and B2B.

Digital OOH

It includes digital billboards, advertising screens, vehicle rooftop signage, and more. By integrating your advertising with marketing technology and digital tools, you can dramatically increase your consumer engagement and conversion response. Fenix Media delivers industry-leading performance and a measurable increase in revenue for your ad spend by combining the benefits of OOH and digital media.

Digital Online

Digital media is extremely important in today’s online culture and it is an effective vehicle for expanding your reach internationally. Our dedicated digital media team is ready to combine decades online media expertise and a personalized approach, in order to deliver measurable revenue for you or your client. Our core digital media services include premium display/rich media, mobile marketing, electronic direct mail, and programmatic advertising.

TV, Cable, Radio

Securing premium media spots in television and radio can laser-target your advertising and significantly increase your ROAS (return on ad spend). Fenix Media does the research to find when and where your audience is watching and listening. Then, we leverage our networks and buying power to secure the best spots for your audience. We maintain longstanding associations with the highest ranks of major U.S. and Latin American markets and can deliver your brand or your client’s brands to the eyes and ears of a large and targeted audience.

Your Customized Media Solutions

We take our entire wealth of knowledge, experience, networks, and buying power and narrow it down to a customized solution that fits your budget, industry, and audience

International advertising through our top-tier network

Local-language media solutions

Advanced Targeting

Cross Media Multi-platform Solutions

What Our Clients Say

“We have been working with Fenix Media for several years and couldn’t be happier. Paul and Peter are highly professional, quick to respond and work hard to deliver top quality work.”

Jennifer Beber
President, Beber Silverstein Group

“Working with Fenix Media has been a great experience for us. They provide excellent service sending the information in time and recommending the best media. They make of each campaign a big success, approaching the projects with enthusiasm, care and focus to deliver on-time and in the agreed budget.
The Team is very friendly and always there for you”

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