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Established in 2017, Fenix Media is the product of decades of experience working with companies like yours to secure a full spectrum of global media channels. We’re passionate about excellent client service and achieving the results you deserve and expect. We serve companies and agencies that advertise locally, nationally, internationally, and globally. Let Fenix Media be your one-stop shop for all your media outlets.



We’re response-oriented, meaning prompt responses and support from our executives always – no excuses.


We’re not going to overpromise or hit you with hidden fees. We’ll tell you upfront what you can expect from Fenix Media.


From single, local ad placements to dynamic global campaigns, we have the experience to bring you effective media.


By simplifying the processes, we’re able to provide complex, customized solutions with a personalized approach.


Advertising is a competitive market. Our vast networks allow us to maintain competitive pricing for the best media.

Our Team

We are dedicated professionals with decades of experience and strong, global connections. As a specialized firm, we offer the very best in media buying around the world. Our sales directors have over 25 years of combined experience that you can leverage to develop custom advertising solutions and achieve the most effective advertising possible.
Peter Martin
CEO & Co-Founder
Peter is the co-founder and CEO of Fenix Media. A native of Chile, Peter has spent over a decade in the media buying and planning sector. He provides strategic leadership and innovation while focusing on quality services and achieving clients’ marketing goals. He directs the media buying journey from start to finish in cross-media campaign areas with advertising outlets worldwide. Peter’s dedication and extensive experience working in the international advertising industry are what lead to measurable success for clients and partners.

Paul Lomba
COO & Co-Founder
As co-founder and sales director at Fenix Media, Paul brings a wealth of industry experience and an entrepreneurial vision to lead a company that leverages the power of commercial networks and negotiation to drive business for clients. During his extensive career in marketing and media, Paul had the opportunity to work closely with Fortune 500 clients such as MasterCard and The Hertz Corporation among others.

Mariana Fernández
Business Development Manager
As a professional in the area of communications, Mariana is a curious and enthusiastic mind when facing new challenges. For over 15 years, different opportunities led Mariana to the fields of business development, marketing, advertising, and public relations. With strong experience in communications and media in Latin America, she worked as well with press coverage of various international advertising festivals within the region. Mariana is an avid bicycle rider, and in her spare time, she writes short stories, and spends time with her family and her puppies!

Karen Jofré
Media Relations & Traffic Manager
With an impressive background in corporate sales and business management, Karen is responsible for developing new business opportunities at Fenix Media. Karen’s daily tasks include communicating with media from all over the world. Passionate about music and cycling, Karen is a great singer who also performs several different instruments. Her energy and passion for helping others is her greatest strength.

Bryan Villena
Business Developer Executive
Bryan is a passionate man who seizes opportunities to obtain the best results. His extensive career in international business has led him to specialize in the commercial and automotive sectors, which he has been expanding for the past nine years. He strives to provide value to his clients by efficiently attending to their needs. He believes this is the most effective method to generate positive results, focusing his talent and experience on delivering at the highest levels. Bryan enjoys traveling and meeting new people because he feels it helps us grow as individuals. Still, his primary passion is vehicles, and he works to stay current in the industry by attending auto shows, reading specialized articles, or simply scouting new trends.

Emilia Anda
Media Relations Assistant
An environmental engineer with great leadership skills, Emilia is a professional with extensive experience in the area of ​​customer service. She is responsible for helping, expediting, and supporting the Media Department and Traffic Department to ensure that each advertising campaign gets published and runs as scheduled.
She firmly believes that something new is learned every day and she is willing to face new challenges.
In her spare time, she focuses on personal training, a lover of music and animals.

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